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By combining genetic and clinical risk models with cutting-edge research, we’re leading a personalized healthcare revolution.


Who We Are

As pioneers in clinical genetics, Genetic Technologies has spent the past 20 years decoding the genome and unlocking its value for human health. 


Under our geneType product series, our clinicians, scientists and technicians are working to develop the next generation of integrated predictive genetic testing and assessment tools – empowering physicians and patients to proactively manage health.

A Leader in Personalized Predictive Genetics

Genetic Technologies is invested in the advancement of genomics. We deliver cutting-edge genetic solutions facilitating personalized medicine, introspection, or to fuel basic curiosity of oneself.

Below, we list some examples of available services from each of our brands. To learn more about our sister companies, click on the logos.

Integrated Clinical Assessments for Disease Risk Prediction:  Polygenic Risk (PRS) and Clinical Risk (CRS)

Non-invasive Prenatal Testing (NIPT)

Pharmacogenetic Testing

PetgenTM Animal Test

Inherited Monogenic Disease (Germline)

Carrier Testing

Ancestry DNA Tests

Relationship/Paternity Testing

DNA Storage

Intolerance Test


What We Stand For

These are more than just words on a page. Our team, from the top down, makes a conscious decision to integrate our company values into our decision making and practices.

Unequalled experience

20+ years of experience, tracing back to the human genome project.

Relentless innovation

Accelerating the world’s transition to gene-based healthcare.

Leading integrated technology

A more complete picture of disease risk, incorporating genetic & clinical risk factors.

Setting new standards

Setting clinical, safety and ethical standards to ensure the best health outcomes.

Unequaled Experience

Leaders in breast and colorectal cancer integrated risk assessment, geneType continues to expand our clinical-grade assessments into new cancers and chronic conditions.

We are evolving modern medicine to meet clinical needs.

Leading Integrated Technology

Our personalized risk assessments provide a more complete picture, incorporating polygenic and clinical risk factors in one comprehensive assessment.

We lead the way in clinical integration of polygenic risk by creating proprietary algorithms that are specifically calibrated to the general population. All of our disease-specific tests outperform their respective clinical gold-standard risk models.

Our technology is designed to provide clinicians with absolute risk scores that simplify the complex integration of risk factors and ultimately enable actionable recommendations.  

GeneType empowers individuals and their clinicians to adopt a personalized health approach to disease screening, risk-reduction and prevention.

Relentless Innovation

The human impact and potential applications for genetic integration into clinical care are immense. 

GeneType are at the forefront of the genetic revolution – expanding our pipeline of clinical risk assessment products to a broader range of cancers and chronic conditions. 

International collaborations with leading clinicians, through our clinical research and scientific advisory board, we aim to democratize genomics. Leveraging technology, software and processes to make integrated genetic risk assessments an integral part of preventive healthcare and the standard-of-care in modern medicine.  We’re working hard to deliver a more efficient, integrated and personalized approach.

Accelerating the world’s transition to genomic-integrated healthcare.

Setting New Standards

As trusted leaders, we have a role to play in managing quality and impact of genomics on the future of medicine and health.  

GeneType delivers the highest standards of accuracy with our medical grade tests. And we safeguard the privacy and security of personal health data, ensuring people have full control of their laboratory results including their genetic information. Results are only released to authorized persons as indicated by HIPAA. 

We support clinicians in the interpretation of results and provide a network of resources for patients and clinicians. 

We’re setting clinical, safety and ethical standards to ensure the best health outcomes.

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