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Genetic Technologies is a leader in the development and commercialisation of genetic risk assessment technology.

Listed on the ASX (GTG) in 2000 and on NASDAQ (GENE) in 2005.


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Unlocking personalised preventive healthcare

GeneType is transitioning healthcare from a one-size-fits-all model to personalised, predictive health assessments – where each person has the information to manage their health according to their risk.

With over 20 years of experience, our clinicians, scientists and technicians are translating genetic information into tests that uniquely combine genetic and clinical risk models to predict risk of chronic diseases before onset.

This then creates significant clinical opportunities for medical practitioners to implement personalised screening and risk reduction strategies.

GeneType empowers clinicians to improve health outcomes for people around the world. Tracking disease to its source. Enabling a new era of personalised medicine.

Watch our latest investor webinar

Learn more about the company performace by watching our latest investor webinar.

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Strong revenue growth, regulatory approvals for the Multi-Risk Test and patent granted in a very busy quarter.”

– Simon Morriss, CEO

GeneType in the News

Commercialising game-changing disease risk tests

Our CEO Simon Morriss was featured on Bloomberg News to discuss the advances of our commercialization plans, the recent acquisition of EasyDNA and the next phase of our growth and innovation. Watch the video interview.

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GeneType Multi Test

A combination of geneType tests for breast cancer, colorectal cancer, ovarian cancer, prostate cancer, coronary artery disease and type 2 diabetes in a single test.

Know your risk of a serious disease to tailor a personalised prevention plan with your medical practitioner.

Genetic Technologies at a glance

What makes us different?

Unequaled Experience

Pioneers in genetic technology, geneType has spent 20 years decoding the genome and unlocking its value for human health.

Our medical practitioners, scientists and technicians are working alongside a strong board and medical advisory team to develop the next generation of integrated predictive genetic testing and assessment tools – empowering physicians and patients to proactively manage health.

Leaders in breast and colorectal cancer, geneType continue to expand our medical-grade genetic tests into new cancers and chronic conditions.

We are evolving modern medicine to meet clinical needs.

Leading Integrated Technology

Our personalised risk assessments provide a more complete picture, incorporating hereditary (germline), polygenic and clinical risk factors in one comprehensive assessment.

GeneType empowers individuals to understand their unique risk profile and seek support from healthcare professionals to inform a personalised health approach to disease prevention and lifestyle management.

We’re breaking barriers with a holistic view of genetic risk, clinical factors and lifestyle condition. 

Relentless Innovation

The human impact and potential applications for genetic testing are immense. 

GeneType are at the forefront of the genetic revolution – expanding our pipeline of clinical risk assessment products to a broader range of cancers and chronic conditions. 

We’re collaborating alongside leading HCPs globally, through our advisory board, to democratise genomics. Leveraging technology, software and processes to make integrated preventative genetics an integral part of modern medicine.  We’re working hard to deliver a more efficient, integrated and personalised model of care.

Accelerating the world’s transition to genomic-based health.

Setting New Standards

As trusted leaders, we have a role to play in managing quality and impact of genomics on the future of medicine and health.  

GeneType deliver the highest standards of accuracy with our medical grade tests. And we safeguard the privacy and security of personal health data. Ensuring people have full control of their genetic information.

We ensure every test comes with actionable outcomes in conjunction with healthcare professionals. We provide clear next steps, supporting individuals to interpret results. 

We’re setting clinical, safety and ethical standards to ensure the best health outcomes.