Genetic Technologies Limited and its Board are committed to achieving and demonstrating the highest standards of corporate governance. The Board continues to review its corporate governance framework and practices to ensure they meet the interests of shareholders.

The Company and its controlled entities together are referred to as the “Group” in this statement.

Reference is made to the revised Corporate Governance Principles and Recommendations issued and revised from time to time by the ASX Corporate Governance Council. The Board believes that all concepts of the revised Principles and Recommendations have been satisfied, however the Board is realistic with respect to the relative size and nature of the Company and have implemented the Recommendations accordingly. The Company endeavours to ensure exceptions to the guidelines do not have negative impact on the best interests of shareholders.

While in most respects the Company complies with the Recommendations, it is recognised that the development and implementation of policies and practices is an ongoing process that evolves with the needs of the business and its stakeholders.

A description of the Group’s main corporate governance practices is set out below. All of these practices, unless otherwise stated, we’re in place for the entire year.