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How to order for your patients 

Register as a geneType Provider

Healthcare providers interested in using geneType for their patients need to register as a geneType provider.

As a geneType provider, you will have access to your own Clinician Portal account. This is where you can order geneType kits for your clinic; place test requisitions; receive results and share results with patients.  

Complete the form available from the button below to get started. A geneType team member will follow up with you shortly.

 GeneType testing is simple

Step 1

Register as a provider; our team will provide clinical education and other resources as needed.

GeneType will send kits to your clinic to have on hand.

Step 2

Discuss geneType with your patient.

Would geneType help her qualify for additional risk reduction strategies?

Step 3

Complete the Test Requisition form, collect a sample from the patient in the saliva tube provided and return both to geneType.

You will have the option to use a paper requisition, or a secure, HIPAA-compliant portal to complete the ordering process.

Step 4

Leave the rest to us.

GeneType will notify you when your patient’s results are ready.

You will have the option to request a consult with a genetic counsellor,  whether to review your patient’s results and/or to follow-up with your patient, as needed.

Interested in ordering more than one disease? Order geneType Multi-Test.

See individual disease pages for more information about each test.

The Multi-Risk suite of tests is for adults 40-69 years of age. At maximum, a woman would be eligible for 5 diseases in the panel; a man would be eligible for 4. If patient is younger than 40, they may qualify for geneType's breast or colorectal risk assessments only.

Coming soon: melanoma, pancreatic cancer and atrial fibrillation geneType tests. Patient eligibility dependent on personal medical history, age, sex and self-identified race/ethnicity

Know your patient’s risks. Provide proactive healthcare.

By understanding your patient’s risks you can confidently manage their healthcare priorities. 

 GeneType enables decision-making discussions around:

  • Screen compliance
  • Risk-reducing strategies, such as medications or lifestyle modification
  • Supplemental disease screenings options, such as earlier or more frequent screenings

The first step is to register as a geneType provider to setup your account or to request more information.