GeneType: A new era for Genetic Technologies
Published Nov 16, 2021

Our year of change

Genetic Technologies has changed a lot in the last year. Our product innovations, expansion into new therapy areas and acquisitions has opened us up to exciting new market opportunities.

We are backed by 20 years of heritage and a respected legacy across Australia and North America. Our focus remains the same. We are still working with scientists, health care professionals, government and industry leaders to pioneer a new era preventative health.

However, we are not the same business we were 12 months ago. As our business has evolved, so too must our brand. By creating one new and unified brand will reflect on the business we are today and the opportunities we’re pursuing in the future to unlock the next level of personalised preventative health. That’s why we are excited to introduce GeneType. A modern brand to reflect the strong patent portfolio and clinical research track recording underpinning our technology. A brand reflective of the world leading technology in personalised, preventative healthcare.

What is GeneType?

Since our inception, GeneType has been the name of our risk assessment solutions for clinicians and consumers. Now, we have consolidated the Genetic Technologies and geneType brands under one new GeneType master brand and website. Our new website reflects our unique market position, specialty area expertise and integrated tests. We have improved the user experience for individuals, healthcare professionals and investors – providing each audience with a landing page and hub for tailored information.

The introduction of the GeneType streamlines our go to market creative development with a consistent brand across our geneType products for healthcare professionals and everyday users. This provides one strong, unified look and feel which celebrates the opportunities we see for the future of our company and our vision for the future of preventative health. Genetype modernises our brand to reflect cutting edge innovation linked to the patents, peer-reviewed clinical advances and cutting-edge integrated technology underpinning our GeneType tests.

The future of GeneType

Although we move forward now as Genetype, our position at the forefront of this medical revolution remains unchanged. We continue to drive a new model of preventative health that transitions away from a one-size-fits-all model to a more personalised, predictive health assessment. We remain committed to ensuring each person has access to, and is empowered by, the information they need to manage their health according to their own risk.

We are pushing the envelope and setting a new standard in the role prevention plays in the clinical pathway, providing clinicians the latest tools in risk assessment to ultimately improve health outcomes for people around the world. We are tracking disease to its source. Enabling a new era of personalised medicine with our integrated, clinically-backed risk profile tests. We are committed to continuing our working with scientists, HCPs, government and industry leaders to unlock personalised, preventative health. With this new brand, we launch this new chapter for GeneType, and continue our great work to lead in the future of personalised, preventative healthcare around the world.

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