Carl Stubbings

Chief Commercial Officer

Carl is an experienced senior leader in the biotechnology and diagnostics industry with a focus on commercialisation, sales, marketing and business development.

He has considerable experience commercialising diagnostic products, both locally and globally. Based in the USA for 13 years, he served as Senior Vice President for Panbio USA Ltd and Vice-President of Sales and Marketing for Focus Diagnostics, a subsidiary of Quest Diagnostics (NASDAQ:DGX), one of the world’s largest pathology laboratories.

In July 2012, Carl moved back to Australia where he was appointed Chief Business Officer at Benitec Biopharma Limited (ASX: BLT, NASDAQ: BNTC). More recently he has assisted several Australian biotech companies with their commercialisation strategies. These companies include BCAL Diagnostics, a start-up company developing a blood test for breast cancer, Minomic, an Immuno Oncology company with a test for prostate cancer, and Biotron (ASX: BIT), a listed company that is developing and commercialising anti-viral small molecule therapies. In 2019 Carl was appointed CEO and Managing Director of Sienna Cancer Diagnostics Ltd (ASX: SDX). In that role, he helped lead the successful merger between Sienna and BARD1 Life Sciences (ASX:BD1). Following the merger, Carl was appointed Chief Operating Officer of the merged entity BARD1 Life Sciences.
Carl has a Bachelor of Applied Science (Medical Technology) from the Queensland University of Technology.